TGC Central California Preaching Lab

March 14, 2020

8:00am – 10:00am

Location: 3385 E. Shields Ave , Fresno , CA 93726


TGC Preaching Lab invitation 

Join our local gospel coalition for a preaching lab on:

Saturday, March 14th. From 8AM-10AM. 

Location: Free Grace Church, Fresno

Who is invited? Pastors and elders from TGC Central California churches and men they want to invite. This class is intended for men who aspire to the gospel ministry and/or to develop preaching gifts.

What will we be doing? The Lab will include some training and discussion. Subsequent meetings will give men a chance to preach a sample sermon and receive feedback from a variety of pastors and participants. 

Through this Preaching Lab we plan to accomplish the following:

  • Breakfast and introductions. 15 minutes
  • Devotional. The preacher’s heart for Christ. 15 minutes.
  • A lesson on the elements of biblical preaching. 40 minutes.
  • Group and panel discussion of this sermon from Tony Merida on the Prodigal son from Luke chapter 15. Sermon:
  • Please listen Tony Merida's sermon before the lab and come prepared to discuss it.
  • The goal is to share resources among churches in training and evaluating men with a desire to preach.  

 Please email Pastor Matt Troupe for more information. [email protected]